Ever wondered what all the fuss about Australian Standards is? Well, if you are talking about security screen doors and windows, what could be more important than the security of your home, and the safety of you and your family?

A product that is not manufactured to the highest quality specifications is unlikely to be able to do what it is intended to do – keep your home safe and secure. Buying a product that has passed the standard gives you peace of mind that it is manufactured from quality materials and will perform as it should.  And believe us – many of the prefabricated screen doors you buy off the shelf are not designed to meet Australian Standards.  They are usually screen doors, not security doors.

Let’s take a closer look at what an Australian Standard is and how a security screen door or window needs to be made, to qualify.


Australian Standards: Security Screen Doors

What is an Australian Standard?

Australian Standards are guidelines that specify minimum safety, quality or performance requirements that a product or service needs to meet. If they do not meet these then there is no guarantee they will be able to do the job, and you will be wasting your hard earned cash.

AS 5039-2008 for security screen doors and window grilles

The standard that covers security screen doors or security window grilles is AS 5039-2008. It is prepared by a committee of experts from the industry, including the Australian Window Association, Master Builders Australia, Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia and the National Security Screen Association. They work out what materials a security screen should be made from, and how it should perform under a series of strength tests.

The committee identified 3 aspects that are critical to the performance of a security screen:

  1. The strength of the screen door/window grill or mesh.
  2. The strength of the adaptor frame and how it is fixed.
  3. The structural strength of the door frame or window frame.

Check out the video I made on the strength testing we put our doors through.

Security screen strength tests

Australian Standard AS 5039-2008 has a number of tests that a security screen door or window needs to pass. These include a strength test that is designed to simulate what an intruder might do to gain entry to your home. It consists of a dynamic impact test, pull test, jemmy test, knife shear test and probe test. There are also separate bushfire rating regulations that need to be met.

Security screen materials and installation

Security screens also need to be made from materials that will last and stop an intruder gaining entry. We use stainless steel mesh that is durable, corrosion resistant and complies with AS 5039-2008. For the frames we use T6 grade, high tensile extruded aluminium with a special internal rib design to stop anyone slipping the mesh out. Even if your security screen is manufactured to spec and exceeds the standard, it still needs to be installed properly or an intruder could simply crowbar it off.  Our doors are also installed with 3 point lock to ensure they can’t be removed with a crowbar.

We are so confident in the quality of our security screens and workmanship that we provide a Lifetime Guarantee to every hinged or sliding security door we manufacture and fit. If your home is invaded and access was gained through a security door that was manufactured and fitted by us, we’ll also replace it for free.

Looking for a security screen that exceeds all the Australian Standards? Give us a call on 0438 436 702 or send us your details for a fast accurate quote.