How to choose the right security doors and windows Gold Coast

When it comes to making a decision about which security door or window screen will be the best for your needs, there’s several key factors we recommend you review and weigh up.  You want to ensure that what you choose will meet all your requirements.  Like any product you purchase – not all security screens are equal.  Make sure they’re fully up to the job and won’t need replacing before long.  These are the four key considerations.

1. Screen Mesh strength and compliance

The mesh must comply with AS 5039 strength tests to withstand an intense attack.

  • Dynamic Impact Test
  • Pull Test
  • Jemmy Test
  • Knife Shear Test
  • Probe Test

The mesh must also comply with bushfire ember resistance regulations.

Our screens pass all the AS5039 strength and bushfire rating requirements.

security doors and windows gold coast

2. Frame construction and installation

The frame also needs to be strong, and we use T6 grade, high tensile extruded aluminium that ensures strength and quality. We use a special internal rib design to resist mesh removal.

It doesn’t matter how strong the mesh is, if the screens are not constructed and installed correctly, they can be dismantled and removed by a determined thief.

3. Design

These days there is absolutely no need to have ugly security doors or window screens on your property. All our screens are manufactured using quality stainless steel mesh which provides unobstructed views. No ugly diamond grilles for our customers.

Frames are available in a wide range of colours in powder coated, anodised and woodgrain finishes to match your decor.

security doors and windows gold coast

security doors and windows gold coast

security doors and windows gold coast

4. Durability

We use marine grade stainless steel mesh and frames that stand up to the harsh Australian climate.

When salt and pollution on screens are regularly cleaned with the special biodegradable concentrate Powawash, they should last a lifetime. Frequency of maintenance will depend on proximity to the coast. See our Guarantee.